Thilakkam Project

Thrissur Corporation is selected as one of the three learning cities in India for the UNESCO Learning City Project. As a part of transforming Thrissur into a learning city, Thrissur Corporation has formulated 'Thilakkam 2023' with scientific studies and which aims at promoting all educational institutions and educators under one umbrella and provides a platform for every individual. When the world of knowledge expands, let's strive for a better future where there is no limitations for learning; a world where everyone can learn irrespective of caste, class, religion, gender or age. Thilakkam project provides platform were children to older adults can participate in the process of learning and to explore the new opportunities that are awaiting them. 'Thilakkam' is the first step towards achieving this goal, with the aim of fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning ecosystem and it has developed a comprehensive and inclusive framework for the Learning City initiative. This framework, consisting of five pillars, forms the foundation for Thrissur's vision of lifelong learning and sustainable development.

The first pillar, "Learn for Knowledge"

The first pillar, "Learn for Knowledge" focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills for personal growth and intellectual development. It recognizes the importance of diverse learning opportunities that expand horizons and cultivate a culture of continuous learning. It includes Learning Facility Centre (LFC) and Academic Clubs. These centers are designed to supplement and enhance formal education by offering specialized programs, tutoring services, and access to educational materials. The primary goal is to create an environment that supports and facilitates the learning process, helping students achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential.

Learn for Knowledge

the second pillar, "Learn for Earn"

Under the second pillar, "Learn for Earn" Thrissur acknowledges the significance of education and skills training for economic empowerment. By equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and competencies, this pillar aims to enhance employability and entrepreneurial abilities, enabling citizens to contribute meaningfully to the workforce and the city's economic development. It includes Placement Facility Centre (PFC) and Entrepreneurship Facility Centre (EFC). PFC assists students and alumni in finding employment or internships. The main objective of a placement facility centre is to bridge the gap between education and employment by providing resources. PFC plays a vital role in assisting students and alumni in their transition from education to employment. They serve as a valuable resource for job search strategies, professional development, and career guidance, helping individuals make informed decisions and secure meaningful employment opportunities, guidance, and support for individuals seeking career opportunities. Whereas, EFC is a physical space or organization that supports aspiring entrepreneurs in launching and growing their businesses. These centres provide a supportive environment, resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures.

Learn for Earn

The third pillar, "Learn for Technology"

The third pillar, "Learn for Technology" Thrissur emphasizes the pivotal role of technology in contemporary society. The city strives to provide digital literacy skills and promote the use of technology as a tool for learning, innovation, and community development. By embracing technology, Thrissur aims to create an inclusive and technologically empowered society. It includes Digital literacy and Sunday Labs. Digital literacy refers to the ability to use and understand digital technologies effectively. It encompasses a range of skills and competencies that enable individuals to access and communicate information using digital devices and platforms. Digital literacy is crucial in today's increasingly digital and technology-driven world, where the ability to use digital tools and technologies is important.

Learn for Technology

The fourth pillar, "Learn for Upscaling"

The fourth pillar, "Learn for Upscaling" focuses on professional development and upskilling opportunities. Recognizing the importance of adapting to evolving job market demands, it supports individuals in enhancing their existing skills and knowledge. Through targeted upscaling programs, professional development courses, and mentorship opportunities, we enable individuals to adapt to changing job market requirements. By facilitating +continuous learning and providing avenues for skill enhancement, we ensure that citizens can stay competitive, seize new opportunities, and navigate career transitions effectively.

Learn for Upscaling

The fifth pillar, "Learn for Happiness"

The fifth pillar, "Learn for Happiness" highlights the holistic nature of learning and its impact on overall well-being. Thrissur places importance on promoting mental health, emotional wellbeing, and a sense of fulfilment through learning experiences. By fostering an environment where individuals find joy, fulfilment, and happiness through their educational pursuits, Thrissur aims to create a thriving and flourishing community. Cultural enrichment programs, arts festivals, and community engagement activities are also integral to this pillar, fostering social connections, celebrating diversity, and promoting a sense of belonging and happiness among citizens.

Learn for Happiness